The year was2012, a young  kid wandered onto a ferry and discovered the great Manisses Island. Days were spent behind bars, and nights spent in front. The island grabbed ahold and never let go. Staring up at the stars in outer space, the realization was made...

"dis must be the place"

It's nowpresent day,and anyone reading this is currently part of a "Convenience Revolution". SeaPod is a small business, designed to bring the small businesses of Block Island together. We want to bring Block Island to you, on your own terms. By calling seaPod, you're not only supporting your needs, you're fueling an economy and helping generations of family businesses continue to thrive. We hope every minute on Block Island is memorable, and appreciate the chance to enhance those memories!

Fast Forward to 2015... it was a loooooong  night bouncing back and forth from Yellow Kittens to Captain Nicks. Woke up on a random boat the next morning, couldn't tell you how I got there... running late to work, and battling the  hangover of a lifetime, I couldn't stop thinking how a breakfast sandwich from Rebecca's and a delicious Froozie would bring me back to life. I didn't know it then, but that was the day that seaPod was born...